Fillmore Pizza Quality 

Fresh pizza starts from fresh dough, Pizza Sauce and Fresh Ingredients

1. Pizza Dough

Our Pizza Dough is always fresh made with simple recipe.

2. Fresh Ingredients

We pick garden fresh vegetables and they are handcut!

3. Pizza Sauce

Our seasonal pizza sauce is fresh made in house.

Fresh pizza’s as fresh as its ingredients. We’re always on top of our quality. That’s why Our Products come with Quality Guarantee.

In any case if you loose with our Quality, Let us know! We will deliver you another one for free

How to Claim?

  1. Unlikely event that you’re not satisfied with any of our product. You can claim a replacement
  2. Call us within 20 minutes of food delivery to make a claim. Carryout’s must be checked in upon collection.
  3. No more than 20% of food is eaten.