Fillmore rewards lets you earn FREE pizza, Salad, Pasta & Appetizer, from our menu selection.
With redemptions as low as 7 points.

1. Order

Sign in or register on our website @ and place an order.

2. Earn

Every $15 you spend automatically earns you 1 point to your account. ⁃ Collect points to use towards your delicious food.

3. Eat

Once you gather enough points. You’ll have the option to exchange points before it is added to your cart.

4. Repeat

More you order. Less you pay. Earn free food!

How to redeem points ?

10 Points

Free Appetizer Or drink.

15 Points

Free Dessert, Pasta or Salad.

20 Points

Free portion from Chicken Zone.

25 Points

Free Large pizza with upto 3 toppings.

35 Points

Free Large Gourmet Pizza.

Order Today and Earn Points